Relationship & Couple Counselling

Relationship and Couple Counselling

This is for people experiencing difficulties in their relationship. Most relationships face problems or life events which can create change and tension. At these times couples may find they can't talk to each other or feel distanced from, or angry with each other. Counselling can offer a way forward to better communication and a greater understanding of the issues being faced.

Pre-Marital Counselling

This is offered to those of you preparing to start your married life together and wishing to improve communication and learn the skills which will enable you to build a strong and lasting relationship.

Relationship MOT

Try a relationship MOT before it becomes too late.

Thinking things could be better? Don't want your relationship to lose its spark?

Are you feeling exasperated or irritated, or just not listened to? All couples can benefit from a relationship MOT to renew your pleasure in each other and your relationship. You can also learn the skills to avoid problems arising in the future.

Ending a Relationship

Sometimes it becomes clear that a relationship is ending. Counselling can help you, as couples or individuals, to acknowledge and process these painful and emotional changes and reach a place of acceptance. Couples may then continue with divorce and separation counselling


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