Parenting Apart

Parenting Apart

This is a series of sessions for parents who are separating or divorcing and conflict or high emotion is affecting your ability to communicate and effectively co-parent your children.

As separated parents, you are encouraged to attend if you feel tension between you is increasing. You will learn to work co-operatively in the best interests of your children, so avoiding costly and stressful court proceedings.

What will happen?

You will have guidance by qualified trainers who will help you discover how to behave and communicate in ways which are in the best interests of all parties, particularly your children. This may be alone or together.

Parent Information Programme

You may be referred to a Parenting Information Programme. You will attend separately with a group of people in a similar position. This is a course which lasts 4 hours.

What then?

  • You can be referred for individual counselling
  • Family counselling may be helpful, with both or individual parents attending with your children
  • You may be referred to our professional Mediation Service
Parenting Apart - Ease Conflict
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