Family Counselling

Family Counselling

Family life never stays still - new baby, teenagers wanting more independence, the roles of grandparents and in-laws. For some, there is also the blending of two families, with step parents and step children. Any of these are likely to strain relationships within the family and can seem impossible to manage. Change may cause anxiety, upheaval and arguments, sometimes making it difficult to talk or feel listened to.

Family Counselling allows all family members the time and the space to voice their differences and be heard, in a safe environment. Your experienced counsellor will help you all to negotiate change in a way that feels comfortable and positive to the whole family.

Who can come?

Parents can be seen together or with your children as a family

What then?

If needed, at the end of the sessions, parents can be referred for couple counselling if issues arise around the couple relationship.

Children age 11 years and older can be referred for Young People's Counselling on their own if this would be helpful.


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Family Counselling - Talking
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