Divorce Counselling

Divorce and Separation Counselling

Who is this for?

This is available for couples together or individuals on your own. You may be going through the painful process of divorce or separation and would like assistance to work through your difficulties and the emotional distress involved with this.

Although our divorce and separation counselling is independent of any other organisation or legal process, it is complementary to other services. We offer you an opportunity to explore and process emotional issues which could otherwise be complicating legal, financial and child care decisions.

How do we work?

Divorce and Separation Counselling is a focused opportunity to think about your individual situation. The aim is to help you, whether as a couple or on your own, to reflect on emotional issues underlying your relationship breakdown, and then work towards an easier journey through the legal and financial process. The hope is that you will then more easily adjust to communicating on a more independent footing.

What then?

  • You can be referred for family counselling
  • You can learn the skills for being parents apart, either together, alone or in a group
  • You can be referred to our Family Mediator
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